Oct 26, 2010


Life is full of surprises
Things we wanted aren't ours
Things we despised are ours
Our desires are going away
Our nightmares are coming closer

Coincidence in surprise
The greatest surprise of all
What in past came back
We've tried to forget
But coincidence killed us
Back to past we hated

Keep on with life
Past to be forgotten
It's history
Coincidence is just a surprise
To how's life is
It's not what we want
What our deep soul wanted

Mar 30, 2010


Every seconds in life
I count them to myself
Memories they will be
As they leave me

After few seconds
Reversing the time I did
Seems to be fun
I laughed and laughed
Though it was dreadful
Though it was sad
Though it was hurting

It was a memory
Maybe memories
I kept them
In my heart
Will never fade
I'll be doing this
Keep it safe in the box
Small box in the mind

Mar 27, 2010


Life without hardships
Life without evils
Life without villains
Life without problems
Life without choices
Life without guidance

Have you thought that?
Sometimes you may
Most of the time
You never thought
Only came across
In the mind is disaster

Take the time
Thinking a little while
Without those
Happines you are never get
One day you'll understand
Without the without
Is what you never learn
About everything you know

Mar 8, 2010


Life is living
Different people
Different views
Many meanings of it
Only you know
How is your life

Life is like a blank paper
It is you who will colour it
Ugly or pretty
You decide
Good or bad
You decide

Making decision never easy
Analyse and observe
Are what you need
Never look down on yourself
Take the risk
Of every possibility
Of every chances

Life goes only once
Turn back time
No you can not
Look forward
Keep moulding it
Because it is your life

Decide for yourself

Mar 7, 2010

Happy Forever

Happy is a word
Describe everything
In such a perfection

Is what one felt
Once it is gotten
Into the heart it will remain

Happy and happiness
Two words with one thing common
Feeling that remains forever
In one's heart

Be happy always
Lead a happiness life
Never be sad
B'cause it is a pleasure
Of hearts and souls

Mar 6, 2010


Fairytales tell happy endings
Makes every girls dream
Hope to come true
A prince come and set them free

Though it is not the same
Reality is never happy
As it seems in fairytale
Only hopes and dreams
Fulfiil the desires

Its fairytale
Everybody wish to come true
A great happy ending
Happily ever after
No more obstacles

Deep inside it exist
Just you can see it
Only you can feel it
You decide it
B'cause it's your story

Everyday is a journey
You decide it
You'll make your own happy ending
Like in fairytale